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Animated Media


©Emerald Holt

"Dunes" is an experimental electronic sound composition by Nicholas Denton Protsack, based upon the concepts of fractal geometry. Pitch, rhythm, and amplitude are self- referential-- creating recursive structures on small, medium, and large scales. A two second sample of the french horn is the only material from which "Dunes" is derived; the rest is entirely a product of procedural generation. 

The music visualization is by Emerald Holt and is based on 2 audio reactors that map the particle size and fractal behaviour to frequency. The other parameters include disperse, feather, twist, displace, and affect. The particle system is manipulated by the fractal sum, so the minimum and maximum threshold correlated with the frequency. The animation is inspired by the natural formations of patterns in desert sand.

The Multimodal Landscape 

©Emerald Holt

The "Multimodal Landscape" is a new media composition based on the typology of the Okanagan landscape by Emerald Holt. The visual composition is generated from a 3D rendered virtualization of the Okanagan landscape. The audio-visual reactors sonify the vocalization of a Magpie through a 3d generated particle system that reacts to the the frequency, pitch and amplitude. The musical composition combines electronic instrumentation with synthesized material and soundscapes collected from the local environment. The work explores the presence
of nature in musical and visual expressions and art forms.

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